Certification or attestation of a document as a true copy of the original by getting it signed and dated by a professional person, like a solicitor. When you are applying for something like a bank account or mortgage, you may be asked to provide documents that are certified as true copies of the original. On the other hand, if you applying for a visa or sponsoring someone from abroad you still need to provide certified documents from an immigration lawyer.

Copies of documents we can certify for you are:


  • Photo card driving licences
  • Letters from a government department
  • Bank/building society card statements
  • Gas, electricity or council tax bills
  • Letters from a hospital/doctor
  • Sponsorship Declaration

 How to certify a document

Take the photocopied document and the original and ask the person to certify the copy by:

 writing ‘Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me’ on the document

  • signing and dating it
  • printing their name under the signature
  • adding their occupation, address and telephone number

  What is it Documents Certification?

Document certification can be required for several different reasons. You can often be asked to supply these documents for certain official applications including, but not limited to, mortgage applications and new bank or building society account applications.

As photocopies of original documents are usually requested there has to be a way confirming that the photocopied documents are a true and exact likeness of the original and to prove there has been no editing or alterations made to the copies.

By using a professional document certification service, you can have your documents legally checked and certified quickly and easily.

Several trusted documents can be used in a document certification service ranging from a passport to an official letter which has been addressed specifically to you. These are listed in more detail further below.

If you have been asked to provide certified copies of your original documents, Kayani Legal can certify that the copies presented are a true likeness of the original document(s).

Get Your Identity Document Copies Certified at Kayani Legal

If you’re providing photocopies to the recipient company, you’ll need to ensure that these are like-for-like with the originals. We’ll check the original documents against the photocopies and certify that each is a true likeness. For example, the certification is finalised by writing or stamping the following text on the document:

‘Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me’.

This must then be signed and dated by the signatory, with their name printed under the signature, along with the signatory’s occupation, address and telephone number.

The certification can be carried out by several professional people in the community ranging from councillors to teachers. However, you must not ask a relative, a partner or anyone living in the same property as you to do this. The full list of people and professions who can by law certify documents include:

  • Bank or building society official
  • Minister of religion
  • Councillor, teacher or lecturer
  • Dentist
  • Solicitor, notary or chartered accountant 

As many professionals have busy schedules and can be hard to get hold off, may decide it’s a service they don’t want to offer or do not know the full details and how to do this correctly, it is recommended to request a solicitor to certify documents. This is a safe and trusted way to ensure this will meet all legal requirements.

Please note: If you are asking for a document to have its translated content certified then you will need to seek the services of a professional translation company. To ensure this is legally certified you will need to request that they write or stamp the following text on the document:

‘That this is a true and accurate translation of the original document’

Again this must then be signed and dated by the signatory (which can be a representative of the translation company) with their name printed under the signature, along with the signatory’s occupation, address and telephone number inserted.

 How Much Will It Cost?

We charge £10 for the first document and £5 thereafter for a maximum of 5 documents.

How the Document Certification Service Works

Get your photocopies certified in three easy steps:

  • Decide which documents need checking. Once you’re ready, arrange an appointment to come in and see us.
  • Bring the original document(s) and the fee in cash (sorry, we can’t accept cheques or card payments for this service).
  • We’ll perform a check and certify that each photocopy is a true likeness of the original.
  • That’s it – we’ll give you back all your documents.

For any advice on a document certification service near me contact us here at Kayani Legal

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