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Kayani Legal, A Firm of Solicitors, London is located in the heart of Ilford, Essex. Our solicitors offer excellent and cost-effective legal services for more than 15 years. We are a reputable law firm which operates based on an in-depth understanding of different areas of laws including family, immigration, litigation and commercial leases. Kayani Legal Solicitors are blessed with a team of experienced lawyers.

A truly special attitude, we focus on success.

Whatever the situation we will accomplish the best possible outcome.

Fighting for what’s right.

The Help You Need, from Qualified, Esteemed and Valued Solicitors.

Immigration Law

Our solicitors are proud to be working for our private and business clients for individual immigration and business immigration, each of which depends on cutting-edge legal advice to realise their business and individual goals.

Family Law

Our family and divorce solicitors in Ilford, London are known for their specialised, practical methodology to safeguarding resolutions for our clients. We assist all areas of family law, child law and divorce applications.

Personal Injury

We Can Help Your Recovery From A Personal Injury That Wasn’t Your Fault.Eradicate the hassle and concern from your injury with our expert solicitors who work diligently to claim the damages you deserve.

Civil Litigation

Kayani Legal offers alternative dispute resolution services to both corporate clients and private individuals – and our litigation team believes in securing the best outcome for our clients.

Lease, Landlord and Tenants

Other areas of law we can help with at our Ilford, East London office include property law for leases particularly, commercial leases, assignments and acting both for the landlord and the tenant.

Commissioner for Oaths

In UK law, a Commissioner for Oaths is a person appointed by the Lord Chancellor with power to administer oaths or take affidavits. Our solicitors in Ilford, London administer oaths and take affidavits.

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You explore areas of law on the website we outclass others. These areas of law are divided into different categories for your ease of convenience. You should explore through our website or one of our members will be able to help. Our lawyers and solicitors are welcoming. We are passionate to meet you and work through the precise legal process. We help you get the results you want.

Whatever your legal needs are, our solicitors in Ilford, London love to help and welcome you to our offices located in Ilford, London. Our lawyers know what is at stake and we make our experts available whenever they are needed without an iota of doubt.

A truly special attitude, we focus on success.
Whatever the situation we will accomplish the best possible outcome.
The Help You Need, from Qualified, Esteemed and Valued Solicitors.
Fighting for what’s right.
Our lawyers combine in-depth knowledge of the law and its practical application to your case, with a firm belief in your right to legal assistance and dedicated representation throughout your matter.

Our inclusive range of knowledge means that we can provide support for our clients in areas of their business and private life. Our solicitors are leaders in their field and our practice areas are highly ranked by our valued clients.

Our solicitors place service to the public above all else and can advise on the issue in question. Our rates are competitive as compare to costly city solicitors and we can also explore the opportunity to fund your case on a fixed fee basis, through insurance and/or on a no win no fee basis (a conditional fee agreement).

Our clients acknowledge that our Solicitors are a team of dedicated, ethical and experienced lawyers working in Ilford, East London. Our recognition as a best solicitors in Ilford, London has been echoed by national and international institutions, therefore, we feel honoured on our standing and the scope of our legal offerings. Our lawyers are zealous about our work and are well known to clients as dependable, sympathetic and progressive.


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