We have a long tradition of instructing experienced Immigration and Asylum Chambers. There are sitting or ex Judges, QCs and learned barristers with no less than 15 years’ experience to represent our valuable clients at the Tribunals, the High Court and the Supreme Court either for the appeals and Judicial Reviews.

Specialist Immigration Lawyers in London

We make sure that the counsel representing you specializes only in immigration law, and holds years of experience. The First-Tier Tribunal Immigration, the Asylum Chamber (FTTIAC) hear and decide immigration appeals, against the decisions made by the Home Office in matters where human rights, immigration, and asylum law are engaged.

The appeals are heard by one or more immigration Judges, are sometimes accompanied by non-legal members of the Tribunal. These appeals are heard in many hearing centers across the United Kingdom.

Our appeals solicitors are equipped with day to day case laws. We deal with but are not limited to the following appeals and judicial reviews:

Points Based or non-points Based Appeals

The appeals category is vast like appeals against Point Based System applications Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5, and Non-Points Based System Applications like FLR (M), FLR (O) Entry Clearance Appeals and Indefinite leave to remain ILR. We inform you if there is a right of appeal against the decision.

Human Rights Appeals

Human Rights appeals arise where the Home Office doesn’t acknowledge basic human rights under the Geneva Convention or Human Rights Act.

Family Visit Visa Appeals

An administrative review, or in some cases an appeal against the decision may be lodged if a family member has been refused a visa to visit a relative or family member in the United Kingdom.

Bail Applications

Under the Immigration Act, you may instruct our immigration lawyer to apply for Bail before Immigration Chambers to release the detainee.

Asylum Appeals

If a person fears persecution or threat in his Home Country, our immigration appeals solicitors may be able to advise to seek protection under the law. We have a superb track record of “allowed determinations” from Immigration Chambers.

Whatever your legal needs are, our immigration appeals solicitors in Ilford, London love to help and welcome you to our offices located in Ilford, London. Our lawyers know what is at stake and we make our experts available whenever they are needed without an iota of doubt.