Kayani Legal Solicitors, UK Immigration law firm, is a registered with Home Office for same-day visa or premium application appointments. We carefully create online accounts selecting the right appointment with precise fee. Then book an appointment on your behalf being registered service provider for same-day Visa service. We can secure same-day slots at PEO Croydon, Solihull, Liverpool, Sheffield, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast.

It should be noted that Kayani Legal may book same-day appointments for all clients under Tier 1 G, Tier 2 and Tier 4, FLR (M), ILR or NTL. Over the period, we noticed that applicant book up inadvertently wrong appointment ending up paying the different fee. The whole process puts them under tremendous pressure particularly when leave to remain is going to expire soon.

  • We guarantee, your application to be processed in time, and a highly professional manner.
  • Why book a same day or postal appointment with us:
  • 100% success rate based on our assessment since 2006.
  • Easy to manage the appointment process. We take on all the stress that comes with securing you an appointment in England, Wales or Scotland.
  • Cost-effective, professionally prepared application, produced per your instruction.


  • Submission with your approval.
  • Our own professionally prepared covering letter, featuring further representations according to the complexity of your matter.
  • Chasing up Home Office and maintaining an extremely high standard of the profession.
  • Keeping you posted with Solicitors Regulation Authority Standards.
  • Keeping the full scan file of the application, sending you an immediate e-mail copy once posted to the Home Office.
Our immigration solicitors prepare your applications to an incredibly high standard for the same day Visa (Fast Track Premium Service) or postal applications. During the same day Visa service or postal application process, our immigration lawyers look into your matter to assess whether you fully comply with the Home Office requirement for such application or not. That said, our caseworkers offer complete honesty in advising whether or not you meet the minimum requirements for your required Visa, always maintaining the integrity of our profession. We do boast a phenomenal success rate for same-day Visa or postal applications though, with just less than 100% of such proposals accepted. As such applications are decided on a fast track premium basis, it is paramount our immigration solicitors obtain as much relevant information as possible to guarantee you success, particularly in cases involving indefinite leave to remain the UK or one-day settlement appointments. We have been providing same-day Visa services since the Home Office commenced the aforementioned service to the general public through legal representatives, and as a result, Kayani Legal Solicitors’ immigration lawyers and caseworkers have built up extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the procedure and law surrounding same day Visa services.
Here at Kayani Legal Solicitors, we can provide a thorough and professional service that can help with your applications for UK work permits or a renewal application. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyers can take on your case to provide a swift and beneficial resolution, and we always aim to attain the best result for you.

Whatever your legal needs are, our solicitors in Ilford, London love to help and welcome you to our offices located in Ilford, London. Our lawyers know what is at stake and we make our experts available whenever they are needed without an iota of doubt.